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Dienstag, 21. April 2015

Coupling effects in photonic metamaterials and plasmonic nanostructures

Prof. Dr. Stefan Linden, Physikalisches Institut, Universität Bonn

Sprecher: Prof. Dr. Opens external link in new windowStefan Linden, Physikalisches Institut, Universität Bonn

Beginn: Dienstag, 21. April 2015, 13:00 Uhr

Veranstaltungsort: Walter-Schottky Institut (TUM), Seminarraum S101, Am Coulombwall 4, Garching


Abstract (Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einpdf):

Metamaterials have added new and fascinating effects to optics and photonics, e.g., magnetism at optical frequencies, negative index materials, and strong chirality. In most cases, these properties result from the excitation of localized plasmonic modes in the elementary building blocks of the photonic metamaterial, i.e., the metaatoms. A qualitative first understanding of the features of a given metamaterial can be often obtained by considering the plasmonic resonances of an isolated metaatom.

However, electromagnetic interactions between the metaatoms can have a significant impact on the properties of the metamaterial. In this presentation, we will discuss several recent experiments which underline the importance of coupling effects in photonic metamaterials and plasmonic nanostructures.


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