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NIM nanosystems initiative munich
Publications 2008

Publications supported by NIM 2008

Influence Functional for Decoherence of Interacting Electrons in Disordered Conductors

Authors: J. von Delft

Areas: A

Magazine: International Journal of Modern Physics B 22, 7, 727-833 (2008)

Quantum Dot Microdrop Laser

Authors: J. Schäfer, J. P. Mondia, R. Sharma, Z. H. Lu, A. S. Susha, A. L. Rogach, L. J. Wang

Areas: B

Magazine: Nano Lett. 8, 6, 1709 (2008)

Statistics of quantum dot exciton fine structure splittings and their polarization orientations

Authors: S. Seidl, B. D. Gerardot, P. A. Dalgarno, K. Kowalik, A. W. Holleitner, P. M. Petroff, K. Karrai, R. J. Warburton

Areas: B

Magazine: Physica E 40, 2153 (2008)

Resonant saturation laser spectroscopy of a single self-assembled quantum dot

Authors: M. Kroner, S. Remi, A. Högele, S. Seidl, A. W. Holleitner, R. J. Warburton, B. D. Gerardot, P. M. Petroff, and K. Karrai

Areas: B

Magazine: Physica E 40, 1994 (2008)

Optical Detection of Single-Electron Spin Resonance in a Quantum Dot

Authors: M.Kroner, K. M. Weiss, B. Biedermann, S. Seidl, S. Manus, A. W. Holleitner, A. Badolato, P. M. Petroff, B. D. Gerardot, R. J. Warburton, and K. Karrai

Areas: B

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 156803 (2008)

HIV-1-Cellular Interactions Analyzed by Dual-Color Single Virus Tracing

Authors: T. Endreß, M. Lampe, J. A. G. Briggs, H.-G. Kräusslich, C. Bräuchle, B. Müller and D. C. Lamb

Areas: I

Magazine: Eur. Biophys. J. 37, (2008), 1291

Resonant transmission spectroscopy on the p to p transitions of a charge tunable InGaAs quantum dot

Authors: S. Seidl, M. Kroner, C. Lux, A. W. Holleitner, K. Karrai, R. J. Warburton, A. Badolato, and P. M. Petroff

Areas: B

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett. 92, 153103 (2008)

Cytoskeletal Bundle Mechanics

Authors: M. Bathe, C. Heussinger, M.M.A.E. Claessens, A.R. Bausch and E. Frey

Areas: H

Magazine: Biophysical Journal 94, 8, 2955 (2008)

A Carbon Nanofilament-Bead Necklace

Authors: Li Song, Alexander W. Holleitner, Huihong Qian, Achim Hartschuh, Markus Doeblinger, Eva M. Weig, and Joerg P. Kotthaus

Areas: D

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. C 112, 9644-9649 (2008)

Resolved-sideband cooling of a micromechanical oscillator

Authors: A. Schliesser, R. Rivière, G. Anetsberger, O. Arcizet, and T. J. Kippenberg

Areas: D

Magazine: Nature Physics 4, 415 - 419 (2008)

Dynamics and Instabilities of Collapsed Polymers in Shear Flow

Authors: A. Alexander-Katz and R. R. Netz

Areas: G

Magazine: Macromolecules 41, 3363-3374 (2008)

Investigation of the nonresonant dot-cavity coupling in two-dimensional photonic crystal nanocavities

Authors: M. Kaniber, A. Laucht, A. Neumann, J. M. Villas-Bôas, M. Bichler, M.-C. Amann, and J. J. Finley

Areas: B

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 77, 161303(R) (2008)

Crystallization of RNA polymerase I subcomplex A14/A43 by iterative prediction, probing and removal of flexible regions

Authors: S.R. Geiger, C.D. Kuhn, C. Leidig, J. Renkawitz and P. Cramer

Areas: H

Magazine: Acta Cryst. F64, 413-418 (2008)

Spin waves in the inhomogeneous internal field of nanostructured rings

Authors: D. Grundler, F. Giesen, and J. Podbielski

Areas: D

Magazine: Spin Wave Confinement, S. Demokritov (editor), World Scientific, in press, (summer 2008)

Ratched-driven fluid transport in bounded two-layer films of immiscible liquids

Authors: K. John, P. Hänggi, and U. Thiele

Areas: F

Magazine: Soft Matter 4, 1183–1195 (2008)

Monitoring Protein Conformation along the Pathway of Chaperonin-Assisted Folding

Authors: S. Sharma, K. Chakraborty, B. K. Müller, N. Astola, Y.-C. Tang, D. C. Lamb, M. Hayer-Hartl and F. U. Hartl

Areas: I

Magazine: Cell 133, 142 (2008)

Integrated programmable Lab-on-a-Chip systems in live sciences

Authors: S. Thalhammer, M.F. Schneider, A. Wixforth

Areas: F


Nanomechanics and Microfluidics as a tool for unravelling blood clotting disease

Authors: D. Steppich, S. Thalhammer, A. Wixforth, M.F. Schneider

Areas: G

Magazine: Applied Scanning Probe Methods 13, 105, Editor B. Bhushan (2008)

Oxidative removal of template molecules and organic functionalities in mesoporous silica nanoparticles by H2O2 treatment

Authors: Johann Kecht and Thomas Bein

Areas: K

Magazine: Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 116, 1-3, 123 (2008)

Loading indirect excitons into an electrostatic trap formed in coupled GaAs quantum wells

Authors: A. Gärtner, D. Schuh, A. W. Holleitner, and J. P. Kotthaus

Areas: B

Magazine: Physica E 40, 1828–1831 (2008)

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