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Thermal Solutions for Molecular Evolution

Authors: Christof B. Mast, Natan Osterman and Dieter Braun

Areas: 4

Magazine: Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 26, 1230017 (2012)

RNA polymerase III subunit architecture and implications for open promoter complex formation

Authors: Wu CC, Herzog F, Jennebach S, Lin YC, Pai CY, Aebersold R, Cramer P, Chen HT

Areas: 4

Magazine: Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2012, 109, 19232-19237

Synthetic Lipid Membrane Channels Formed by Designed DNA Nanostructures

Authors: Martin Langecker, Vera Arnaut, Thomas G. Martin, Jonathan List, Stephan Renner, Michael Mayer, Hendrik Dietz, and Friedrich C. Simmel

Areas: 4

Magazine: Science, vol. 338, issue 6109, pp. 932-936

Structure and function of the initially transcribing RNA polymerase II-TFIIB complex

Authors: Sainsbury S, Niesser J, Cramer P.

Areas: 4

Magazine: Nature. 2013 Jan 17;493(7432):437-40

Mediator phosphorylation prevents stress response transcription during non-stress conditions

Authors: Miller C, Matic I, Maier K, Schwalb B, Roether S, Straesser K, Tresch A, Mann M, Cramer P.

Areas: 4

Magazine: J Biol Chem. 2012 Dec 28;287(53):44017-26

From a Ratchet Mechanism to Random Fluctuations Evolution of Hsp90's Mechanochemical Cycle

Authors: C. Ratzke, M. N. T. Nguyen, M. P. Mayer, T. Hugel

Areas: 4

Magazine: J.Mol.Biol. , 423,3,462 (2012)

On the relationship between peptide adsorption resistance and surface contact angle: A combined experimental and simulation single-molecule study

Authors: N. Schwierz, D. Horinek, S. Liese, T. Pirzer, B. Balzer, T. Hugel, R. Netz

Areas: 4

Magazine: JACS, 134, 19628 (2012)

Label-Free Microscale Thermophoresis Discriminates Sites and Affinity of Protein–Ligand Binding

Authors: Susanne A. I. Seidel, Christoph J. Wienken, Sandra Geissler, Moran Jerabek-Willemsen, Stefan Duhr, Alwin Reiter, Dirk Trauner, Dieter Braun, and Philipp Baaske

Areas: 4

Magazine: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012, Volume 51, Issue 42, p. 10656-10659

Nucleation-induced transition to collective motion in active systems

Authors: C. A. Weber, V. Schaller, A. R. Bausch and E. Frey

Areas: 4

Magazine: Phys. Rev. E 86, 030901(R), (2012)

Structural basis of transcription elongation

Authors: Martinez-Rucobo FW, Cramer P.

Areas: 4

Magazine: Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013 Jan;1829(1):9-19

Regulating contractility of the actomyosin cytoskeleton by pH

Authors: S. Köhler, K. Schmoller, A.H. Crevenna and A.R. Bausch

Areas: 4

Magazine: Cell Reports 2, 433–439, (2012)

Comparative dynamic transcriptome analysis (cDTA) reveals mutual feedback between mRNA synthesis and degradation

Authors: Sun M, Schwalb B, Schulz D, Pirkl N, Etzold S, Larivière L, Maier KC, Seizl M, Tresch A, Cramer P.

Areas: 4

Magazine: Genome Res. 2012, 22, 1350-1359.

Modulation of cross-linked actin networks by pH

Authors: K. M. Schmoller, S. Köhler, A. H. Crevenna, R. Wedlich-Soldner and A. R. Bausch

Areas: 4

Magazine: Soft Matter 8, 9685-9690, (2012)

Active compaction of crosslinked driven filament networks

Authors: V. Schaller, B. Hammerich and A. R. Bausch

Areas: 4

Magazine: EPJE, Volume 35, 81, (2012)

Crosslinking-MS analysis reveals RNA polymerase I domain architecture and basis of rRNA cleavage

Authors: Jennebach S, Herzog F, Aebersold R, Cramer P.

Areas: 4

Magazine: Nucleic Acids Res. 2012, 40, 5591-5601.

One hand clapping: detection of condition-specific transcription factor interactions from genome-wide gene activity data

Authors: Dümcke S, Seizl M, Etzold S, Pirkl N, Martin DE, Cramer P, Tresch A

Areas: 4

Magazine: Nucl. Acids Res. (2012) 40 (18): 8883-8892.

Assembly kinetics determine the structure of keratin networks

Authors: J. Kayser, H. Grabmayr, M. Harasim, H. Herrmann and A. R. Bausch

Areas: 4

Magazine: Soft Matter, 8, 8873-8879, (2012)

CTD tyrosine phosphorylation impairs termination factor recruitment to RNA polymerase II

Authors: Mayer A, Heidemann M, Lidschreiber M, Schreieck A, Sun M, Hintermair C, Kremmer E, Eick D, Cramer P.

Areas: 4

Magazine: Science. 2012, 336, 1723-1725.

A Movie of RNA Polymerase II Transcription

Authors: Cheung AC, Cramer P.

Areas: 4

Magazine: Cell. 2012, 149, 1431-1437.

Microtubule Length Regulation by Molecular Motors

Authors: Anna Melbinger, Louis Reese, and Erwin Frey

Areas: 4

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 258104 (2012)

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