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NIM nanosystems initiative munich

Wednesday, 19 May, 2010

Prof. Jens Michaelis received Nernst-Haber-Bodenstein Prize

On May 13, 2010, Professor Jens Michaelis, leader of the Nanomechanics group at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universtität München) and member of NIM, received the Nernst-Haber-Bodenstein Prize. It is awarded by the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry on an annual basis.

The award is made to a distinguished younger scientist (of up to 40 years) for outstanding scientific achievements in the area of physical chemistry. Suitable candidates of international visibility in their research field will be evaluated with respect to the scientific quality, originality and independence of their research. Candidates should come from a German speaking region in Europe or work there at the time of their nomination (Quelle: Dt. Bunsen Gesellschaft).


Saturday, 04 May, 2019

Faculty of Physics - Open House Day 2019

Saturday 4 May 2019, 11 am - 18 pm, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, LMU


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