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NIM nanosystems initiative munich

Wednesday, 17 June, 2015

NIM Colloquium - “Metasurfaces for structured light: physics and applications of flat optics”

Federico Capasso, Robert L. Wallace Professor of Applied Physics, Vinton Hayes Senior Research Fellow in Electrical Engineering, Harvard University

Wednesday, June 17th  at 17:15h

Kleiner Physik-Hörsaal, Fakultät für Physik, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1


Patterning surfaces with subwavelength spaced metal/dielectric features (metasurfaces) allows one to locally control the amplitude, phase and polarization of the scattered light, allowing one to generate complex wavefronts such as optical vortices of different topological charge and radially polarized light [1,2]. Recent results on achromatic metasurfaces will be presented including lenses and collimators. Metasurfaces have also become a powerful tool to shape surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) and more generally surface waves. I will present new experiments on imaging SPP that have revealed the formation of Cherenkov SPP wakes and demonstrated polarization sensitive light couplers that control the directionality of SPP and lenses which demultiplex focused SPP beams depending on their wavelength and polarization.
1. N. Yu and F. Capasso Nature Materials 13, 139 (2014)
2. P. Genevet and F. Capasso Reports on Progress in Physics 78, 24401 (2015)

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Monday, 10 December, 2018

6th European Workshop on Advanced Fluorescence Methods

LMU, HighTechCampus, Großhadern, December 10 - 14th, 2018


Friday, 23 November, 2018

Total photoelectron yield spectroscopy: A sensitive probe for occupied…

Prof Dr Jürgen Ristein, Lehrstuhl für Laserphysik, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany


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