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NIM nanosystems initiative munich
Publications 2007

Publications supported by NIM 2007

Cell and tissue targeting of nucleic acids for cancer gene therapy

Authors: Russ, V., Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: Pharm. Res. 24(6), 1047-1057 (2007)

Exploration of nanostructured channel systems with single-molecule probes

Authors: J. Kirstein, B. Platschek, C. Jung, R. Brown, T. Bein und C. Bräuchle

Areas: K

Magazine: Nature Materials 6, 303 - 310 (2007)

Single-Molecule Traffic in Mesoporous Materials: Translational, Orientational and Spectral Dynamics

Authors: C. Jung, C. Hellriegel, J. Michaelis and C. Braeuchle

Areas: K

Magazine: Advanced Materials 19, 7, 956 (2007)

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