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Publications 2007

Publications supported by NIM 2007

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Permeability of Silk Microcapsules Made from the Interfacial Adsorption of Protein

Authors: K. D. Hermanson, M. B. Harasim, T. Scheibel, A. R. Bausch

Areas: K

Magazine: Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 9, 6442-6446 (2007)

Photochemical enhancement of DNA delivery by EGF receptor targeted polyplexes

Authors: Bonsted, A., Wagner, E., Prasmickaite, L., Høgset, A., Berg, K.

Areas: K

Magazine: Chapter 11 in “Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 434: Volume 2“, J. M. LeDoux (Ed.), Humana Press, pp. 171-181 (2007)

Receptor targeted polyplexes for DNA and siRNA delivery

Authors: Philipp, A., Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: “Gene Therapy. Therapeutic Mechanisms and Strategies”, 3rd Edition, N. Smyth-Templeton (Ed) (2007)

Strategies to incorporate CPPs into synthetic viruses for tumor-targeted gene therapy

Authors: Wagner, E. and Ogris, M.

Areas: K

Magazine: Chapter 26 in “Cell-Penetrating Peptides, 2nd Edition”, Ü. Langel (Ed.), CRC Press, pp. 455-468 (2007)

Nonviral gene transfer to tumors. A new route to programmed drug delivery?

Authors: Wagner , E.

Areas: K

Magazine: “Eurocancer 2007”, M. Boiron, M. Marty (Eds), John Libbey Eurotext, Paris, pp 115-116

Selective Targeting to Tumors and Other Tissues with Cell-Penetrating Peptides: In Vivo Applications

Authors: Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: “Cell-Penetrating Peptides, 2nd Edition”, Ü. Langel (Ed.), CRC Press, pp. 409-411 (2007)

Generation of magnetic nonviral gene transfer agents and magnetofection in vitro

Authors: O. Mykhaylyk, Y. S. Antequera, D. Vlaskou & C. Plank

Areas: K

Magazine: Nature Protocols 2, 2391 - 2411 (2007)

Dem Molekül auf der Spur

Authors: Lamb D.C., Bräuchle C.

Areas: K

Magazine: Physik Journal 6, 12, 39 (2007)

Visualizing single-molecule diffusion in mesoporous materials

Authors: A. Zürner, J. Kirstein, M. Döblinger, C. Bräuchle & T. Bein

Areas: E, I, K

Magazine: Nature 450, 705-708 (2007)

Novel Biocompatible Cationic Copolymers Based on Polyaspartylhydrazide Being Potent as Gene Vector on Tumor Cells

Authors: Ogris, M., Kotha, A.K., Tietze, N., Wagner, E., Palumbo, F.S., Giammona, G., and Cavallaro, G.

Areas: K

Magazine: Pharm. Res. 24, 2213-22 (2007)


Authors: C. Plank, F. Scherer, C. Alexiou, L. Trahms

Areas: K

Magazine: Der Onkologe 13, 10, 903 (2007)

Programmed drug delivery: nanosystems for tumor targeting

Authors: Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: Expert Opin. Biol. Ther. 7(5), 587-593 (2007)

Advances in cancer gene therapy: tumor-targeted delivery of therapeutic pDNA, siRNA, and dsRNA nucleic acids

Authors: Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: J. BUON 12, S77-S82 (2007)

A dimethylmaleic acid-melittin-polylysine conjugate with reduced toxicity, pH-triggered endosomolytic activity and enhanced gene transfer potential

Authors: Meyer, M., Zintchenko, A., Ogris, M., and Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: J. Gene Med. 9, 9, 797 (2007)

Cellular dynamics of EGF receptor targeted synthetic viruses

Authors: de Bruin K., Ruthardt N., von Gersdorff K., Bausinger R., Wagner E., Ogris M., Bräuchle C.

Areas: H, K

Magazine: Mol. Therapy 15, 7, 1297 (2007)

Engineered Microcapsules made of Spider Silk

Authors: K.D. Hermanson, D. Huemmerich, T. Scheibel, A.R. Bausch

Areas: K

Magazine: Advanced Materials 19, 14, 1810 (2007)

An acetal based PEGylation reagent for pH-sensitive shielding of DNA polyplexes

Authors: Knorr, V., Allmendinger, L., Walker, G.F., Paintner, F.F., and Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: Bioconjug. Chem. 18(4), 1218-1225

Synthesis and characterization of chemically condensed oligoethylenimine containing beta-aminopropionamide linkages for siRNA delivery

Authors: Tarcha, P.J., Pelisek, J., Merdan, T., Waters, J., Cheung, K., von Gersdorff, K., Culmsee, C., and Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: Biomaterials 28(25), 3731-3740 (2007)

Electrophoretic purification of tumor-targeted polyethylenimine-based polyplexes reduces toxic side effects in vivo

Authors: Fahrmeir, J., Gunther, M., Tietze, N., Wagner, E., and Ogris, M.

Areas: K

Magazine: J. Control. Rel. 122, 236-245 (2007)

Simultaneous measurement of orientational and spectral dynamics of single molecules in nanostructured host-guest materials

Authors: Jung C., Hellriegel C., Platschek B., Wöhrle D., Bein T., Michaelis J., Bräuchle C.

Areas: K

Magazine: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129, 17, 5570 (2007)

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