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Publications 2009

Publications supported by NIM 2009

Carboxylic Acids: Versatile Building Blocks and Mediators for Two-Dimensional Supramolecular Self-Assembly

Authors: Markus Lackinger and Wolfgang M. Heckl

Areas: E

Magazine: Langmuir 25, 19, 11307 (2009)

Optomechanics (a brief review)

Authors: F. Marquardt, S. M. Girvin

Areas: D

Magazine: Physics 2, 40 (2009)

Surface acoustic wave mediated exciton dissociation in a ZnCdSe/LiNbO3 hybrid

Authors: D. A. Fuhrmann, A. Wixforth, A. Curran, J. K. Morrod, K. A. Prior, R. J. Warburton, and J. Ebbecke

Areas: B, D

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 193505 (2009)

Irregular Subharmonic Cluster Patterns in an Autonomous Photoelectrochemical Oscillator

Authors: Iljana Miethe, Vladimir García-Morales, and Katharina Krischer

Areas: E

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 194101 (2009)

Controlling the fluorescence of ordinary oxazine dyes for single-molecule switching and superresolution microscopy

Authors: Jan Vogelsang, Thorben Cordes, Carsten Forthmann, Christian Steinhauer and Philip Tinnefeld

Areas: H

Magazine: PNAS 106, 20, 8107 (2009)

Temperature-depending Raman line-shift of silicon carbide

Authors: Michael Bauer, Alexander M. Gigler, Andreas J. Huber, Rainer Hillenbrand, Robert W. Stark

Areas: B, H

Magazine: J. Raman Spetrosc. 40, 12, 1867 (2009)

Nonequilibrium thermodynamic analysis of squeezing

Authors: Fernando Galve and Eric Lutz

Areas: C

Magazine: Phys. Rev. A 79, 055804 (2009)

Neutral evolution can maintain cooperation in social dilemmas

Authors: Jonas Cremer, Tobias Reichenbach, Erwin Frey

Areas: F

Magazine: arXiv:0905.0563

Phonon-Mediated Nonequilibrium Interaction between Nanoscale Devices

Authors: G. J. Schinner, H. P. Tranitz, W. Wegscheider, J. P. Kotthaus, and S. Ludwig

Areas: A, C

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 186801 (2009)

Directed transport in periodically rocked random sawtooth potentials

Authors: S. I. Denisov, T. V. Lyutyy, E. S. Denisova, P. Hänggi, and H. Kantz

Areas: F

Magazine: Phys. Rev. E 79, 051102 (2009)

Optoelectronic sensitization of carbon nanotubes by CdTe nanocrystals

Authors: B. Zebli, H. A. Vieyra, I. Carmeli, A. Hartschuh, J. P. Kotthaus, and A. W. Holleitner

Areas: D

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 79, 205402 (2009)

Non-Equilibrium Scaling Analysis of the Kondo Model with Voltage Bias

Authors: P. Fritsch and S. Kehrein

Areas: A

Magazine: Annals of Physics 324, 5, 1105 (2009)

Nonlinear Response of Grafted Semiflexible Polymers in Shear Flow

Authors: Y. W. Kim, V. Lobaskin, C. Gutsche, F. Kremer, P. Pincus and R. R. Netz

Areas: G

Magazine: Macromolecules 42, 3650-3655 (2009)

Organic superconductors revisited

Authors: C. Rohr, J.M. Büttner, F.A. Palitschka, N.D. Kushch, M.V. Kartsovnik, W. Biberacher, R. Gross and B.A. Hermann

Areas: F

Magazine: Eur. Phys. J. B 69, 167–171 (2009)

Copper-Free “Click” Modification of DNA via Nitrile Oxide-Norbornene 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition

Authors: Katrin Gutsmiedl, Christian T. Wirges, Veronika Ehmke and Thomas Carell

Areas: E

Magazine: Org. Lett. 11, 11, 2405 (2009)

Direct observation of the tube model in F-actin solutions: Tube dimensions and curvatures

Authors: M. Romanowska, H. Hinsch, N. Kirchgeßner, M. Giesen, B. Hoffmann, E. Frey, R. Merkel

Areas: F

Magazine: Europhys. Lett. 86, 26003 (2009)

Conjugated 12 nm long oligomers as molecular wires in nanoelectronics

Authors: Roar Søndergaard, Sebastian Strobel, Eva Bundgaard, Kion Norrman, Allan G. Hansen, Edgar Albert, Gyorgy Csaba, Paolo Lugli, Marc Tornow and Frederik C. Krebs

Areas: F

Magazine: J. Mater. Chem. 19, 3899 (2009)

Bioresponsive Polymers for Nonviral Gene Delivery

Authors: Yu, H., Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: Curr. Op. Mol. Ther. 11, 165-178 (2009)

Universal transduction scheme for nanomechanical systems based on dielectric forces

Authors: Quirin P. Unterreithmeier, Eva M. Weig & Jörg P. Kotthaus

Areas: D

Magazine: Nature 458, 1001-1004 (2009)

Controlling loading and optical properties of gold nanoparticles on liposome membranes

Authors: Tapan K. Sau, Alexander S. Urban, Srujan K. Dondapati, Michael Fedoruk, Margaret R. Horton, Andrey L. Rogach, Fernando D. Stefani, Joachim O. Rädler, Jochen Feldmann

Areas: G

Magazine: Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 342, 1-3, 92 (2009)

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