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Publications 2014

Publications supported by NIM 2014

Superparamagnetic regular nanopillar–like structures studied by grazing incidence X-ray scattering: effect of vertical correlation

Authors: A. Paul, N. Paul, P. Müller Buschbaum, A. Bauer, P. Böni

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Appl. Cryst. 47, 1056-1076 (2014)

A new ultrafast superionic Li-conductor: ion dynamics in Li11Si2PS12 and comparison with other tetragonal LGPS-type electrolytes

Authors: A. Kuhn, O. Gerbig, C. Zhu, F. Falkenberg, J. Maier, B. V. Lotsch

Areas: 3

Magazine: Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (2014). Published online 30 May 2014

On the road towards electroactive covalent organic frameworks

Authors: Mirjam Dogru and Thomas Bein

Areas: 3

Magazine: Chem. Commun. (Cambridge, U. K.), 2014. 50(42): p. 5531-5546

Compression of ultrashort laser pulses via gated multiphoton intrapulse interference phase scans

Authors: Alberto Comin, Richard Ciesielski, Giovanni Piredda, Kevin Donkers, Achim Hartschuh

Areas: 3

Magazine: Journal of the Optical Society of America B Vol. 31, Issue 5, pp. 1118-1125 (2014) •doi: 10.1364/JOSAB.31.001118


Tuning pore size of ZnO nano-grids via time-dependent solvent annealing

Authors: K. Sarkar, C. J. Schaffer, D. Moseguí González, A. Naumann, J. Perlich, P. Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Mater. Chem. A 2, 6946-6951 (2014)

Optical gap in herringbone and π-stacked crystals of [1]benzothieno[3,2-b]benzothiophene and its brominated derivative

Authors: V. S. Vyas, R. Gutzler, J. Nuss, K. Kern, B. V. Lotsch

Areas: 3

Magazine: CrystEngComm (2014). Published online 14 May 2014

Cation exchange synthesis and optoelectronic properties of type II CdTe–Cu2−xTe nano-heterostructures

Authors: Ilka Kriegel, Andreas Wisnet, Ajay Ram Srimath Kandada, Francesco Scotognella, Francesco Tassone, Christina Scheu, Hui Zhang, Alexander O. Govorov, Jessica Rodríguez-Fernández, Jochen Feldmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Mater. Chem. C (2014), DOI: 10.1039/C3TC32049A

Optical trapping and manipulation of plasmonic nanoparticles: fundamentals, applications and perspectives

Authors: A.S. Urban, S. Carretero-Palacios, A.A. Lutich, T. Lohmüller, J. Feldmann, F. Jäckel

Areas: 3

Magazine: Nanoscale, 6, 4458 (2014)

Thick titania films with hierarchical porosity assembled from ultrasmall titania nanoparticles as photoanodes for dye-sensitized solar cells

Authors: Johann M. Feckl, Alyssa Haynes, Thomas Bein and Dina Fattakhova-Rohlfing

Areas: 3

Magazine: New J. Chem., 2014. 38(5): p. 1996-2001

Plasmonic DNA-Origami Nanoantennas for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Authors: P. Kühler, E-M. Roller, R. Schreiber, T. Liedl, T. Lohmüller, J. Feldmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: Nano Letters, 14, 2914 (2014)

Quantitative Understanding of the Optical Properties of a Single, Complex-Shaped Gold Nanoparticle from Experiment and Theory

Authors: E. M. Perassi, C. Hrelescu, A. Wisnet, M. Döblinger, C. Scheu, F. Jäckel, E. A. Coronado, J. Feldmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: ACS Nano, 8, 4395 (2014)

Tailoring the Morphology of Mesoporous Titania Thin Films through Biotemplating with Nanocrystalline Cellulose

Authors: Alesja Ivanova, Dina Fattakhova-Rohlfing, Bugra Eymer Kayaalp, Jiri Rathouský, and Thomas Bein

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2014. 136(16): p. 5930-5937

Oriented Thin Films of a Benzodithiophene Covalent Organic Framework

Authors: D. D. Medina, V. Werner, F. Auras, R. Tautz, M. Dogru, J. Schuster, S. Linke, M. Döblinger, J. Feldmann, P. Knochel, T. Bein

Areas: 3

Magazine: ACS Nano, 8, 4042 (2014)

p-GaN/n-ZnO Heterojunction Nanowires: Optoelectronic Properties and the Role of Interface Polarity

Authors: F. Schuster, B. Laumer, R. R. Zamani, C. Magén, J. R. Morante, J. Arbiol, M. Stutzmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: ACS Nano (2014). Published online 10 April 2014

Addressing Single Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond with Transparent in-Plane Gate Structures

Authors: Moritz V. Hauf, Patrick Simon, Nabeel Aslam, Matthias Pfender, Philipp Neumann, Sébastien Pezzagna , Jan Meijer, Jörg Wrachtrup, Martin Stutzmann, Friedemann Reinhard, and José A. Garrido

Areas: 3

Magazine: Nano Letters. Published online: 9 April 2014

Turn-on fluorescence triggered by selective internal dye replacement in MOFs

Authors: Stefan Wuttke, Christian Dietl, Florian M. Hinterholzinger, Henrik Hintz, Heinz Langhals and Thomas Bein

Areas: 3

Magazine: Chem. Commun. (Cambridge, U. K.), 2014. 50(27): p. 3599-3601

Vacancy-Doped Plasmonic Copper Chalcogenide Nanocrystals with Tunable Optical Properties

Authors: I. Kriegel, J. Rodríguez-Fernández, C. Jiang, R. Schaller, E. da Como, D. V. Talapin, J. Feldmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: Ultrafast Dynamics in Molecules, Nanostructures and Interfaces: Selected Lectures Presented at Symposium on Ultrafast Dynamics of the 7th International Series in Optics and Photonics - Vol.8 (2014)

Optical and electronic properties of pyrite nanocrystal thin films: the role of ligands

Authors: W. Li, T. Dittrich, F. Jäckel, J. Feldmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: Small 10, 1194 (2014)

Low dimensionality of the surface conductivity of diamond

Authors: M. V. Hauf, P. Simon, M. Seifert, A. W. Holleitner, M. Stutzmann, J. A. Garrido

Areas: 3

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B (2014). Published online 19 March 2014

A hydrazone-based covalent organic framework for photocatalytic hydrogen production

Authors: L. Stegbauer, K. Schwinghammer, B. V. Lotsch

Areas: 3

Magazine: Chem. Sci. (2014). Published online 17 March 2014

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