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NIM nanosystems initiative munich
Summer Research Program

For 11 years, the Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM) was inviting master students who were seeking a PhD position in nanoscience to join NIM groups for eight weeks in summer of compelling and demanding nanotechnology research.



On each of the projects one or two participants were matched with a graduate fellow acting as a research mentor to


  • Work on fascinating and demanding topics in nanosciences
  • Operate state of the art scientific equipment
  • Sharpen your scientific and technical skills
  • Develop your presentation and scientific writing abilities


Scientific education was not the only intent of the program, since the students could also experience German culture and life-style. A supporting program had been organized with weekend trips to touristic destinations and other informal activities.

For a successful participation the students received:


  • Confirmation of participation
  • Confirmation of the NIM Student Research Award
  • 12 ECTS Credit Points


In order to help applicants from abroad finance their participation, the following was provided and paid for by NIM:


  • Accommodation for July and August
  • Public transport tickets for July and August
  • Supporting Program



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