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NIM nanosystems initiative munich
Publications 2013

Publications supported by NIM 2013

Synthesis of ε-N-propionyl-, ε-N-butyryl-, and ε-N-crotonyl-lysine containing histone H3 using the pyrrolysine system

Authors: M.J. Gattner, M. Vrabel, T. Carell

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Chem Commun (Camb). 2013, 49, 379-381

Targeting and tracing of specific DNA sequences with dTALEs in living cells

Authors: Thanisch K, Schneider K, Morbitzer R, Solovei I, Lahaye T, Bultmann S and Leonhardt H

Areas: 5

Magazine: Nucl. Acids Res. 2013 Dec 25. (Epub ahead of print)

Heavy Water Reduces GFP Expression in Prokaryotic Cell-Free Assays at the Translation Level While Stimulating Its Transcription

Authors: L. S. Hohlefelder, T. Stögbauer, M. Opitz, T. M. Bayerl, J. O. Rädler

Areas: 5

Magazine: BioMed Research International (2013). Published online 6 December 2013

EGFR-Targeted adenovirus dendrimer coating for improved systemic delivery of the theranostic NIS gene

Authors: Grünwald, G.K., Vetter, A., Klutz, K., Willhauck, M.J., Schwenk, N., Senekowitsch-Schmidtke, R., Schwaiger, M., Zach, C., Wagner, E., Göke, B., Holm, P.S., Ogris, M., Spitzweg, C.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Mol Ther Nucleic Acids 2, e131

A fast analysis method to quantify nanoparticle uptake on a single cell level

Authors: de Andrade Torrano A., Blechinger J., Osseforth C., Argyo C., Reller A., Bein T., Michaelis J., Bräuchle C.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Nanomedicine November 2013, Vol. 8, No. 11, 1815-1828

The Small Heat Shock Protein Hsp27 Affects Assembly Dynamics and Structure of Keratin Intermediate Filament Networks

Authors: J. Kayser, M. Haslbeck, L. Dempfle, M. Krause, C. Grashoff, J. Buchner, H. Herrmann, and A. R. Bausch

Areas: 4, 5

Magazine: Biophysical Journal, 105(8), 1778–1785

Synthesis of polyethylenimine based nanocarriers for systemic tumor targeting of nucleic acids

Authors: Rödl, W., Schaffert, D., Wagner, E., Ogris, M.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Methods Molecular Biology 948, 105-20

A monoclonal antibody (MCPR3-7) interfering with the activity of proteinase 3 by an allosteric mechanism

Authors: Lisa C. Hinkofer, Susanne A. I. Seidel, Brice Korkmaz, Francisco Silva, Amber M. Hummel, Dieter Braun, Dieter E. Jenne, Ulrich Specks

Areas: 5

Magazine: J Biol Chem. 2013 Sep 13;288(37):26635-48

Highly sensitive and selective fluoride detection in water through fluorophore release from a metal-organic framework

Authors: Florian M. Hinterholzinger, Bastian Rühle, Stefan Wuttke, Konstantin Karaghiosoff, Thomas Bein

Areas: 5, 3

Magazine: Sci Rep 3: 2562.(2013)

Implementation and Application of Pulsed Interleaved Excitation for Dual-Color FCS and RICS

Authors: J. Hendrix, D. C. Lamb

Areas: 5

Magazine: Methods in Molecular Biology (2013). Published online 30 August 2013

Pulsed interleaved excitation fluctuation imaging

Authors: J. Hendrix, W. Schrimpf, M. Höller, D. C. Lamb

Areas: 5

Magazine: Biophys J. (2013). Published online 20 August 2013

Systemic image-guided liver cancer radiovirotherapy using dendrimer-coated adenovirus encoding the sodium iodide symporter as theranostic gene

Authors: Grünwald, G.K., Vetter, A., Klutz, K., Willhauck, M.J., Schwenk, N., Senekowitsch-Schmidtke, R., Schwaiger, M., Zach, C., Wagner, E., Göke, B., Holm, P.S., Ogris, M., Spitzweg, C.

Areas: 5

Magazine: J. Nuclear Medicine 54(8):1450-7

Fine-tuning of proton sponges by precise diaminoethanes and histidines in pDNA polyplexes

Authors: Lächelt U., Kos P., Mickler F.M., Herrmann A., Salcher E.E., Rödl W., Badgujar N., Bräuchle C., Wagner E.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Nanomedicine 10 (2014), 35. Published online: 25 July 2013

Purified neurons can survive on peptide-free graphene layers

Authors: A. Bendali, L.H. Hess, M. Seifert, V. Forster, A.-F. Stephan, J.A. Garrido and S. Picaud

Areas: 5

Magazine: Advanced Healthcare Materials 2, 929 (2013)

Three-dimensional single-particle tracking in live cells: news from the third dimension

Authors: A. Dupont, M. Gorelashvili, V. Schüller, F. Wehnekamp, D. Arcizet, Y. Katayama, D. C. Lamb, D. Heinrich

Areas: 5

Magazine: New J. Phys. (2013). Published online 16 July 2013

Gene transfer with sequence-defined oligo(ethanamino)amides bioreducibly attached to a polypropylenimine dendrimer core

Authors: Kos, P., Scholz, C., Salcher, E.E., Herrmann, A., Wagner, E.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Pharm Nanotechnology 1, 269-281

Comparison of four different particle sizing methods for siRNA polyplex characterization

Authors: Troiber, C., Kasper, J.C., Milani, S., Scheible, M., Schaubhut, F., Küchler, S., Rädler, J., Simmel, F.C., Friess, W., Wagner, E.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Eur J. Pharm. Biopharm. 84, 255-264, 2013

Fluorescence microscopy-based high-throughput screening for factors involved in gene silencing

Authors: Bultmann S. and Leonhardt H.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Methods Mol Biol, 1042, 237-44

Targeted Drug Delivery in Cancer Cells with Red-Light Photoactivated Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles

Authors: Mackowiak S.A., Schmidt A., Weiss V., Argyo C., von Schirnding C., Bein T., Bräuchle C.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Nano Letters 13(6) (2013), 2576

Formulation development of lyophilized, long-term stable siRNA/oligoaminoamide polyplexes

Authors: Kasper, J., Troiber, C., Küchler, S., Wagner, E., Friess, W.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Eur J Pharm Biopharm 85, 294-305

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