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Thursday, 17 November, 2011

NanoHealth Seoul

NIM delegation travelled to South Korea

In November 2011 experts of five world-leading Nanoscience Centers met in Seoul, South Korea, for the „6th Global Symposium on NanoBio Technology“. After the Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM) had hosted the conference in 2010, this year the Yonsei Medical National Core Research Center invited the scientists. In addition to other NIM members eight PhD students from the NIM Graduate Program travelled to Seoul.
The two-day meeting focussed on two topics: „Nanostimulation for Smart Materials and Therapeutics“ and „Smart Nano-Sensing and Imaging“. The young scientist from NIM benefited in their own words a lot from the talks of the top-class speakers. In particular the talk of Jeffrey Zink (California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), Los Angeles) on nanoparticles for imaging, targeting and drug delivery left quite an impression
In addition other talks such as the one by Jinwoo Chenon (Yonsei University, Seoul) about the medical application of nanoparticles provided the NIM PhD students with valuable information and new ideas for their own research project.
Besides the talks and scientific discussions the PhD students took many more impressions back home: sights as the Kings Palace, the panorama from the television tower over the almost endless city of Seoul, the turmoil of the fish market, various South Korean specialties and not least the unbelievable kindness and helpfulness of the Koreans.


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