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Wednesday, 21 March, 2012

NIM-members receive Newcomb Cleveland Prize

The 2011 Newcomb Cleveland Prize is awarded to the NIM members Simon Fölling, Lode Pollet and their colleagues from Harvard University for the research article “Probing the Superfluid to Mott Insulator Transition at the Single-Atom Level" published in Science 2010 (W. S. Bakr et al, Science 329, no. 5991, p 547 (2010)). NIM member Simon Fölling works in the group of Immanuel Bloch (Chair for Experimental Physics - Quantum Optics, LMU München), Lode Pollet is professor for Theoretical Nanophysics (LMU München). The research for this paper was done while both scientists were still at Harvard University.

Picture: Individual atoms arranging on a lattice during a phase transition


From "www.aaas.org":
"This paper reports a technical and scientific innovation in the use of ultracold atomic gases to investigate important quantum phase transitions, such as the ones that produce superfluidity. The authors demonstrate the ability to monitor atoms trapped in an optical lattice at the single-site level and reveal the emergence of a specific insulating phase. Their approach will have a tremendous impact on the field of quantum gases."

"The Association's oldest award, the AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize, supported by Affymetrix, was established in 1923 with funds donated by Newcomb Cleveland of New York City and was originally called the AAAS Thousand Dollar Prize. It is now known as the AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize, and its value has been raised to $25,000. The winner also receives a bronze medal, complimentary registration and reimbursement for reasonable travel and hotel expenses to attend the AAAS Annual Meeting."

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