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Wednesday, 11 April, 2018

Sino-German Young Researcher Symposium in Munich


Nanocarrier formulation. Picture: C Hohmann

Nanocarrier formulation. Picture: C Hohmann

The Sino-German Young Researcher Symposium on “Nanopharmaceuticals: Drug Delivery in the Nanoscale” in Munich was organized by Dr Ulrich Lächelt (LMU) and Prof Rongqin Huang (Fudan University, Shanghai) to promote the scientific exchange between young scientists from China and Germany, working on new nanocarrier formulations and drug delivery.

The Sino-German Young Researcher Symposium in Munich on ”Nanopharmaceuticals: Drug Delivery in the Nanoscale“ was organized by Dr Opens external link in new windowUlrich Lächelt from Professor Ernst Wagner’s Chair at the Department of Pharmacy, LMU, and Professor Rongqin Huang from the School of Pharmacy at the Fudan University, Shanghai, China.
30 speakers from China (13), Germany (15), UK (1) and Austria (1) met in the Buchner Lecture Hall at the LMU Campus Großhadern on April 6th and 7th 2018 for a vivid exchange of new developments, recent results and ideas in the field of nanopharmaceuticals. The distinguished scientists Professor Weiyue Lu (Fudan University, Shanghai, China) and Professor Wolfgang Parak (University of Hamburg, Germany) acted as Chinese and German senior experts in the field. Despite the wonderful spring weather, approximately 100 interested guests joined the scientific talks and discussions in the audience.
Aim was to bring young scientists from both countries together, to discuss on their research and innovative new ideas, and also to provide a platform for the initiation of future Sino-German collaborations. The symposium ended with success and a continuation of this scientific forum in the future is planned.

Nanopharmaceuticals represent an innovative class of chemically engineered pharmaceutical products making use of the technological progress in materials science, nanotechnology and drug formulations. Utilizing nanotechnology for drug delivery enables researchers to control and tune physico-chemical and pharmacokinetic properties such as solubility, absorption, release and biodistribution of the bioactive agents, as well as their guidance through biological barriers and accumulation in specific target tissues.

The talks provided exciting insights into recent research on a broad spectrum of nanomaterials and formulations as well as new therapeutic approaches based on nanopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Several speakers also encouraged critical assessment of nanopharmaceuticals regarding feasibility of industrial large-scale production and potential for clinical translation. (IA)


The symposium was funded by the Sino-German Center for Research Promotion (GZ 1454) and supported by the LMU-China Academic Network (LMU-ChAN).

Dr Ulrich Lächelt
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Center for System-based Drug Research
Department of Pharmacy
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Butenandtstraße 5-13, Building D
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