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Publications 2007

Publications supported by NIM 2007

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Switchable DNA interfaces for the highly sensitive detection of label-free DNA targets

Authors: U. Rant, K. Arinaga, S. Scherer, E. Pringsheim, S. Fujita, N. Yokoyama, M. Tornow, and G. Abstreiter

Areas: F

Magazine: PNAS 104 (44), 17364-17369 (2007)

Noise and Correlations in a Spatial Population Model with Cyclic Competition

Authors: T. Reichenbach, M. Mobilia, E. Frey

Areas: F

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 238105 (2007)

Towards biomedical applications for nucleic acid devices

Authors: F. C. Simmel

Areas: F

Magazine: Nanomedicine 2, 6, 817 (2007)

Fluctuating semiflexible polymer ribbon constrained to a ring

Authors: K. Alim and E. Frey

Areas: F

Magazine: Eur. Phys. J. E 24, 185-191 (2007)

Label-Free Electrical Detection of Trypsin Activity by a Silicon-on-Insulator Based Thin Film Resistor

Authors: P. A. Neff, A. Serr, B. K. Wunderlich and A. R. Bausch

Areas: F

Magazine: ChemPhysChem 8, 14, 2133 (2007)

Thermal equilibrium and statistical thermometers in special relativity

Authors: D. Cubero, J. Casado Pascual, J. Dunkel, P. Talkner, and P. Hänggi

Areas: F

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 170601 (2007)

Melting curve analysis in a snapshot

Authors: Philipp Baaske, Stefan Duhr, and Dieter Braun

Areas: F

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 133901 (2007)

Controlled Trapping and Release of Quantum Dots in a DNA-Switchable Hydrogel

Authors: Tim Liedl, Hendrik Dietz, Bernard Yurke, and Friedrich Simmel

Areas: D, E, F

Magazine: Small 3, 10, 1688 (2007)

Stretching dynamics of semiflexible polymers

Authors: B. Obermayer, O. Hallatschek, E. Frey, K. Kroy

Areas: F

Magazine: Euro. Phys. J. E 23, 4, 375-388 (2007)

Mechanism and sensitivity of the intrinsic charge detection of biomolecular interactions by field effect devices

Authors: B. K. Wunderlich, P. A. Neff and A. R. Bausch

Areas: F

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 083904 (2007)

Controlling DNA Polymerization with a Switchable Aptamer

Authors: E. Friedrichs, F. C. Simmel

Areas: D, E, F

Magazine: ChemBioChem 2007, 8, 1662 – 1666

Advances in Nanoimprint Lithography

Authors: P. Lugli, S. Harrer, S. Strobel, F. Brunetti, G. Scarpa, M. Tornow, G. Abstreiter

Areas: F

Magazine: 7th IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology, 1179 (2007)

Statistical Mechanics of Semiflexible Bundles of Wormlike Polymer Chains

Authors: Claus Heussinger, Mark Bathe, and Erwin Frey

Areas: F

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 048101 (2007)

Nanoimprint Lithography for Optical Components

Authors: G. Scarpa, F. Brunetti, S. Harrer and P. Lugli

Areas: F

Magazine: IEEE Proceedings of the 9th ICTON 2, 194 (2007)

Biased diffusion in confined media: Test of the Fick-Jacobs approximation and validity criteria

Authors: P. S. Burada, G. Schmid, D. Reguera, J. M. Rubi, and P. Hänggi

Areas: F

Magazine: Phys. Rev. E 75, 051111 (2007)

Accumulating particles at the boundaries of a laminar flow

Authors: M. Schindler, P. Talkner, M. Kostur, and P. Hänggi

Areas: F

Magazine: Physica A 385, 46–58 (2007)

Determination of DNA Melting Temperatures in Diffusion-Generated Chemical Gradients

Authors: T. Liedl and F. C. Simmel

Areas: F

Magazine: Anal. Chem. 79, 14, 5212 (2007)

Extreme accumulation of nucleotides in simulated hydrothermal pore systems

Authors: P. Baaske, F.M. Weinert, S. Duhr, K.H. Lemke, M.J. Russell und D. Braun

Areas: F

Magazine: PNAS 104, 9346 (2007)

Force distribution and force chains in random stiff fiber networks

Authors: C. Heussinger, E. Frey

Areas: F

Magazine: Eur. Phys. J. E 24, 47-53 (2007)

The Tasaki-Crooks quantum fluctuation theorem

Authors: P. Talkner and P. Hänggi

Areas: H, F

Magazine: J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 40, F569 (2007)

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