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Publications 2008

Publications supported by NIM 2008

Self-Assembled Binary Superlattices of CdSe and Au Nanocrystals and Their Fluorescence Properties

Authors: E. V. Shevchenko, M. Ringler, A. Schwemer, D. V. Talapin, T. A. Klar, A. L. Rogach, J. Feldmann, A. P. Alivisatos

Areas: B

Magazine: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 11, 3274 (2008)

Hybrid Opto-Electronic Devices with Organic and Inorganic Components

Authors: Elisabeth Holder, Nir Tessler and Andrey L. Rogach

Areas: E

Magazine: J. Mater. Chem. 18, 1064 (2008)

Decorated Wires as a Reaction Product of the Microwave Assisted Synthesis of CdSe in the Presence of Glycine

Authors: A. Y. Rakovich, V. Stockhausen, A. S. Susha, S. Sapra, A. L. Rogach

Areas: E

Magazine: Coll. Surf. A 2008, 317, 737-741

Anisotropic optical emission of single CdSe-CdS tetrapod heterostructures: Evidence for a wavefunction symmetry breaking

Authors: C. Mauser, T. Limmer, E. Da Como, K. Becker, A.L. Rogach, J. Feldmann, D.V. Talapin

Areas: B

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B, 77, 153303 (2008)

Fluorescence Enhancement in Hot Spots of AFM-Designed Gold Nanoparticle Sandwiches

Authors: A. Bek, R. Jansen, M. Ringler, S. Mayilo, T. A. Klar, J. Feldmann

Areas: B

Magazine: Nano Lett. 8, 2, 485 (2008)

Growth mechanisms and optical properties of GaAs-based semiconductor microstructures by selective area epitaxy

Authors: M. Heiß, E. Riedelberg, M. Bichler, G. Abstreiter, A. Fontcuberta i Morral

Areas: B, E

Magazine: Journal of Crystal Growth 310, 6, 1049 (2008)

Velocity oscillations in actin-based motility

Authors: A. Gholami, M. Falcke, E. Frey

Areas: H, I

Magazine: New J. Phys. 10, 033022 (2008)

Entropic particle transport in periodic channels

Authors: P. S. Burada, G. Schmid, P. Talkner, P. Hänggi, D. Reguera, and J. M. Rubi

Areas: F, H

Magazine: Biosystems 93, 16–22 (2008)

Plasma deposition of piezoelectric ZnO layers by rf sputtering, SolGel and pulsed laser deposition

Authors: K. Wätje, J. Ebbecke, G.Thorwarth, M. van de Ven, A. Wixforth

Areas: D

Magazine: phys. stat. sol. (c) Vol. 5, No. 4, 943-946 (2008)

Quantum theory of optomechanical cooling

Authors: F. Marquardt, A.A. Clerk, S.M. Girvin

Areas: D

Magazine: Journal of Modern Optics 55, 19 & 20, 3329 (2008)

Anomalous transport in biased ac-driven Josephson junctions: Negative conductances

Authors: M. Kostur, L. Machura, P. Talkner, P. Hänggi, and J. Luczka

Areas: F

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 77, 104509 (2008)

Strong dispersive coupling of a high finesse cavity to a micromechanical membrane

Authors: J.D. Thompson, B.M. Zwickl, A.M. Jayich, Florian Marquardt, S.M. Girvin & J.G.E. Harris

Areas: D

Magazine: Nature 452, 72-75 (2008)

An Acoustically Driven Microliter Flow Chamber on a Chip for Cell-Cell and Cell-Surface Interaction Studies

Authors: M. F. Schneider, Z. Guttenberg, S. W. Schneider, K. Sritharan, V. M. Myles, U. Pamukci, A. Wixforth

Areas: G

Magazine: ChemPhysChem 9, 4, 641 (2008)

Dynamic Strength of the Silicon-Carbon Bond Observed Over Three Decades of Force-Loading Rates

Authors: Sebastian W. Schmidt, Martin K. Beyer and Hauke Clausen-Schaumann

Areas: H

Magazine: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 11, 3664 (2008)

The nonlinear Fano effect

Authors: M. Kroner, A. O. Govorov, S. Remi, B. Biedermann, S. Seidl, A. Badolato, P. M. Petroff, W. Zhang, R. Barbour, B. D. Gerardot, R. J. Warburton & K. Karrai

Areas: B

Magazine: Nature 451, 311-314 (2008)

Breathing Life into Polycations: Functionalization with pH-Responsive Endosomolytic Peptides and Polyethylene Glycol Enables siRNA Delivery

Authors: Martin Meyer, Alexander Philipp, Reza Oskuee, Claudia Schmidt, and Ernst Wagner

Areas: K

Magazine: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 11, 3272 (2008)

Peptide adsorption on a hydrophobic surface results from an interplay of solvation, surface and intrapeptide forces

Authors: D. Horinek, A. Serr, M. Geisler, T. Pirzer, U. Slotta, S. Q. Lud, J. A. Garrido, T. Scheibel, T. Hugel, R. R. Netz

Areas: G

Magazine: PNAS 105, 8, 2842 (2008)

Shear-induced repulsion of a semiflexible polymer from a wall

Authors: C. Sendner and Roland R. Netz

Areas: G

Magazine: Europhysics Letters 81, 54006 (2008)

Low-Temperature Spectral Dynamics of Single TDI Molecules in n-Alkane Matrixes

Authors: Mackowski S., Wörmke S., Bräuchle C.

Areas: H

Magazine: J. Fluoresc. 18, (2008), 625

Structure of Eukaryotic RNA Polymerases

Authors: P. Cramer, K.J. Armache, S. Baumli, S. Benkert, F. Brueckner, C. Buchen, G.E. Damsma, S. Dengl, S.R. Geiger, A.J. Jasiak, A. Jawhari, S. Jennebach, T. Kamenski, H. Kettenberger, C.-D. Kuhn, E. Lehmann, K. Leike, J.F. Sydow, and A. Vannini

Areas: H

Magazine: Annu. Rev. Biophys. 37, 337-352 (2008)

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