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Publications 2008

Publications supported by NIM 2008

Photo-induced luminescence blinking and bleaching in individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Authors: C. Georgi, N. Hartmann, T. Gokus, A. A. Green, M. C. Hersam, A. Hartschuh

Areas: D

Magazine: ChemPhysChem 9, 10, 1460 (2008)

Visualizing the Local Optical Response of Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes to DNA-Wrapping

Authors: H. Qian, P. T. Araujo, C. Georgi, T. Gokus, N. Hartmann, A. A. Green, A. Jorio, M. C. Hersam, L. Novotny, A. Hartschuh

Areas: D

Magazine: Nano Lett. 8, 9, 2706 (2008)

Measuring the size of a quantum superposition of many-body states

Authors: F. Marquardt, B. Abel, J. von Delft

Areas: C

Magazine: Phys. Rev. A 78, 012109 (2008)

Matrix-product-state comparison of the numerical renormalization group and the variational formulation of the density-matrix renormalization group

Authors: H. Saberi, A. Weichselbaum, J. von Delft

Areas: A, C

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 78, 035124 (2008)

Full Stabilization of a Microresonator-Based Optical Frequency Comb

Authors: P. Del’Haye, O. Arcizet, A. Schliesser, R. Holzwarth, and T. J. Kippenberg

Areas: D

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 053903 (2008)

Semiconductor Block Copolymer Nanocomposites with Lamellar Morphology via Self-Organization

Authors: S. Maria, A. S. Susha, M. Sommer, D. V. Talapin, A. L. Rogach, M. Thelakkat

Areas: E

Magazine: Macromolecules 41, 16, 6081 (2008)

Domain wall delocalization, dynamics and fluctuations in an exclusion process with two internal states

Authors: T. Reichenbach, T. Franosch, E. Frey

Areas: F

Magazine: Eur. Phys. J. E 27, 1, 47-56 (2008)

Instability of Spatial Patterns and Its Ambiguous Impact on Species Diversity

Authors: Tobias Reichenbach and Erwin Frey

Areas: H

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 058102 (2008)

Asymmetric structural features in single supported lipid bilayers containing cholesterol and GM1 resolved with synchrotron X-ray reflectivity

Authors: C. Reich, M. Horton, B. Krause, A. Gast, J. Rädler, B. Nickel

Areas: G

Magazine: Biophysical Journal 95, 2, 657 (2008)

Organophosphonate based PNA-functionalization of silicon nanowires for label-free DNA detection

Authors: M. Tornow, A. Cattani-Scholz, D. Pedone, M. Dubey, S. Neppl, B. Nickel, P. Feulner, J. Schwartz, G. Abstreiter

Areas: D, G

Magazine: ACS Nano, 2(8), 1653–1660 (2008)

Internal spin-wave confinement in magnetic nanowires due to zig-zag shaped magnetization

Authors: J. Topp, J. Podbielski, D. Heitmann, and D. Grundler

Areas: D

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 78, 024431 (2008)

Neural Networks Grown on Organic Semiconductors

Authors: E. Bystrenova, M. Jelitai, I. Tonazzini, A. N. Lazar, M. Huth, P. Stoliar, C. Dionigi, M. G. Cacace, B. Nickel, E. Madarasz, F. Biscarini

Areas: D, G

Magazine: Advanced Functional Materials 18, 12, 1751 (2008)

Thermodynamical Equilibrium of Binary Supramolecular Networks at the Liquid−Solid Interface

Authors: L. Kampschulte, T.L. Werblowsky, R.S.K. Kishore, M. Schmittel, W.M. Heckl, and M

Areas: E

Magazine: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 26, 8502 (2008)

A Reducing and Oxidizing System Minimizes Photobleaching and Blinking of Fluorescent Dyes

Authors: J. Vogelsang, R. Kasper, C. Steinhauer, B. Person, M. Heilemann, M. Sauer, P. Tinnefeld

Areas: H

Magazine: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 47, 29, 5465 (2008)

Isothermal assembly of DNA origami structures using denaturing agents

Authors: R. Jungmann, T. Liedl, T. L. Sobey, W. Shih, F. C. Simmel

Areas: E

Magazine: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 31, 10062 (2008)

Three-dimensional nanoconstruction with DNA

Authors: F. C. Simmel

Areas: E

Magazine: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 47, 32, 5884 (2008)

Statistics of work performed on a forced quantum oscillator

Authors: P. Talkner, P. S. Burada, and P. Hänggi

Areas: F

Magazine: Phys. Rev. E 78, 011115 (2008)

Streptavidin Reduces Oxygen Quenching of Biotinylated Ruthenium(II) and Palladium(II) Complexes

Authors: T. Soller, M. Ringler, M. Wunderlich, T. A. Klar, J. Feldmann, H.-P. Josel, J. Koci, Y. Markert, A. Nichtl, K. Kürzinger

Areas: B

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. B 112, 40, 12824 (2008)

Acetal linked oligoethylenimines for use as pH-sensitive gene carriers

Authors: Knorr, V., Russ, V., Allmendinger, L., Ogris, M., and Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: Bioconjugate Chem. 19 (8), 1625-1634 (2008)

Rheological Characterization of the Bundling Transition in F-Actin Solutions Induced by Methylcellulose

Authors: Simone Köhler, Oliver Lieleg, and Andreas R. Bausch

Areas: K

Magazine: PLoS ONE 3, 7, e2736 (2008)

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