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Three-Dimensional Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials

Authors: D. Fattakhova-Rohlfing, A. Zaleska, and T. Bein

Areas: 3

Magazine: Chem. Rev. (Washington, DC, U. S.), 2014. 114(19): p. 9487-9558

Solution Deposition-Conversion for Planar Heterojunction Mixed Halide Perovskite Solar Cells

Authors: Pablo Docampo, Fabian C. Hanusch, Samuel D. Stranks, Markus Döblinger, Johann M. Feckl, Martin Ehrensperger, Norma K. Minar, Michael B. Johnston, Henry J. Snaith and Thomas Bein

Areas: 3

Magazine: Adv. Energy Mater., Volume 4, Issue 14, October 7, 2014

Spray-deposited zinc titanate films obtained via sol-gel synthesis for application in dye-sensitized solar cells

Authors: K. Sarkar, E.V. Braden, T. Fröschl, N. Hüsing, P. Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Mater. Chem. A 2, 15008-15014 (2014)

A Capacitance Mediated Positive Differential Resistance Oscillator Model for Electrochemical Systems Involving a Surface Layer

Authors: C. Zensen, K. Schönleber, F. Kemeth, K. Krischer

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 24407-24414 (2014),

first published online 22 September 2014, DOI: 10.1021/jp505418x

Insights into Nanoscale Electrophoresis of Single Dye Molecules in Highly Oriented Mesoporous Silica Channels

Authors: Davies M., Rühle B., Li C., Müllen K., Bein T., Bräuchle C

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. C, Publication Date (online): September 19, 2014

Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production using Polymeric Carbon Nitride with a Hydrogenase and a Bioinspired Synthetic Ni Catalyst

Authors: C. A. Caputo, M. A. Gross, V. W. Lau, C. Cavazza, B. V. Lotsch, E. Reisner

Areas: 3

Magazine: Angew. Chem. (2014). Published online 09 September 2014

Semiconductor nanowires studied by photocurrent spectroscopy

Authors: N. Erhard, A. Holleitner

Areas: 3

Magazine: Submitted online 01 Sep 2014

Bright light-emitting diodes based on organometal halide perovskite

Authors: Zhi-Kuang Tan, Reza Saberi Moghaddam, May Ling Lai, Pablo Docampo, Ruben Higler, Felix Deschler, Michael Price, Aditya Sadhanala, Luis M. Pazos, Dan Credgington, Fabian Hanusch, Thomas Bein, Henry J. Snaith, and Richard H. Friend

Areas: 3

Magazine: Nat. Nanotechnol., 2014. 9(9): p. 687-692

Scanning Probe Microscopy concepts for science communication and peer-to-peer education in Open Research Laboratories

Authors: M. Brunner, M. Voß, N. Gast, W.M. Heckl und F. Trixler

Areas: 3

Magazine: A. Mendez-Vilas (Hg.): Microscopy: advances in scientific research and education, Badajoz 2014

Selective and Sensitive Detection of C3 Molecules with Cu-BTC Metal-organic Framework by Means of Mass Sensitive and Work Function Based Read-out

Authors: P. Davydovskaya, A. Ranft, B. V. Lotsch, R. Pohle

Areas: 3

Magazine: Procedia Engineering (2014).

Efficient Planar Heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Formamidinium Lead Bromide

Authors: Fabian C. Hanusch, Erwin Wiesenmayer, Eric Mankel, Andreas Binek, Philipp Angloher, Christina Fraunhofer, Nadja Giesbrecht, Johann M. Feckl, Wolfram Jaegermann, Dirk Johrendt, Thomas Bein, and Pablo Docampo

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 2014. 5(16): p. 2791-2795

Tunable plasmon modes in single silver nanowire optical antennas characterized by far-field microscope polarization spectroscopy

Authors: M. Fu, L. Qian, H. Long, K. Wang, P. Lu, Y. P. Rakovich, F. Hetsch, A. S. Sushad, A. L. Rogach

Areas: 3

Magazine: Nanoscale, 6, 9192 (2014)

Redox shuttle mechanism enhances photocatalytic H2 generation on Ni-decorated CdS nanorods

Authors: Thomas Simon, Nicolas Bouchonville, Maximilian J. Berr, Aleksandar Vaneski, Asmir Adrović, David Volbers, Regina Wyrwich, Markus Döblinger, Andrei S. Susha, Andrey L. Rogach, Frank Jäckel, Jacek K. Stolarczyk and Jochen Feldmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: Nature Materials (2014). Published online: 3 August 2014

Influence of substrate material, orientation, and surface termination on GaN nanowire growth

Authors: F. Schuster, S. Weiszer, M. Hetzl, A. Winnerl, J. A. Garrido, M. Stutzmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Appl. Phys. (2014). Published online 01 August 2014

Trade-off between morphology, extended defects, and compositional fluctuation induced carrier localization in high In-content InGaN films

Authors: J. Ju, B. Loitsch, T. Stettner, F. Schuster, M. Stutzmann, G. Koblmüller

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Appl. Phys. (2014). Published online 01 August 2014

Influence of the orientation of methylammonium lead iodide perovskite crystals on solar cell performance

Authors: Pablo Docampo, Fabian C. Hanusch, Nadja Giesbrecht, Philipp Angloher, Alesja Ivanova, and Thomas Bein

Areas: 3

Magazine: APL Mater., 2014. 2(8): p. 081508/1-081508/6

Organophosphonate Biofunctionalization of Diamond Electrodes

Authors: R. Caterino, R. Csiki, M. Wiesinger, M. Sachsenhauser, M. Stutzmann, J. A. Garrido, A. Cattani-Scholz

Areas: 3

Magazine: ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2014). Published online16 July 2014

Analyzing the Movement of the Nauplius 'Artemia Salina' by Optical Tracking of Plasmonic Nanoparticles

Authors: S.R. Kirchner, M. Fedoruk, T.Lohmüller, J. Feldmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: Journal of Visualized Experiments, DOI: 10.3791/51502 (2014)

Activation of silicon surfaces for H2 evolution by electrografting of pyridine molecules

Authors: Q. Li, K. Schönleber, P. Zeller, I. Höhlein, B. Rieger, J. Wintterlin, K. Krischer

Areas: 3

Magazine: Surface Science 631, 185 - 189 (2015), first published online 16 July 2014,


Bimodal Mesoporous Carbon Nanofibers with High Porosity: Freestanding and Embedded in Membranes for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Authors: Guang He, Benjamin Mandlmeier, Jörg Schuster, Linda F. Nazar, and Thomas Bein

Areas: 3

Magazine: Chem. Mater., 2014. 26(13): p. 3879-3886

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