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Single-Photon Distillation via a Photonic Parity Measurement Using Cavity QED

Authors: S. Daiss, S. Welte, B. Hacker, L. Li, and G. Rempe

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 133603 (2019)

Deterministic creation of entangled atom–light Schrödinger-cat states

Authors: B. Hacker, S. Welte, S. Daiss, A. Shaukat, S. Ritter, L. Li, and G. Rempe

Areas: 1

Magazine: Nature Photonics, 13, 110–115 (2019)

Strong coupling between photons of two light fields mediated by one atom

Authors: C Hamsen, KN Tolazzi, T Wilk, G Rempe

Areas: 1

Magazine: Nature Physics, 14 , 885 (2018)

Continuous parametric feedback cooling of a single atom in an optical cavity

Authors: C. Sames, C. Hamsen, H. Chibani, P. A. Altin, T. Wilk, and G. Rempe

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. A, 97, 053404 (2018)

Photon-Mediated Quantum Gate between Two Neutral Atoms in an Optical Cavity

Authors: S. Welte, B. Hacker, S. Daiss, S. Ritter, and G. Rempe

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. X 8, 1, 011018 (2018)

A Planar Scanning Probe Microscope

Authors: S. Ernst, D.M. Irber, A.M. Waeber, G. Braunbeck, F. Reinhard

Areas: 1

Magazine: ACS Photonics 6, 327-331 (2019)

Effect of ultraprecision polishing techniques on coherence times of shallow nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

Authors: G. Braunbeck, S. Mandal, M. Touge, O. A. Williams, F. Reinhard

Areas: 1

Magazine: Diamond and Related Materials 85, 18 (2018)

Printed thin diblock copolymer films with dense magnetic nanostructure

Authors: S.Xia, L.Song, W.Chen, V.Körstgens, M.Opel, M.Schwartzkopf, S.V.Roth, P.Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11, 21935-21945 (2019)

Morphology phase diagram of printed TiO2 films derived from block copolymer template assisted sol-gel synthesis

Authors: N.Li, L.Song, L.Bießmann, S.Xia, W.Ohm, C.J.Brett, E.Hadjixenophontos, G.Schmitz, S.V.Roth, P.Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: Adv. Mater. Inter. 6, 1900558 (2019)

MnO/metal/carbon nanohybrid lithium-ion battery anode with enhanced electrochemical performance: universal facile scalable synthesis and fundamental understanding

Authors: X.Wang, L.Ma, Q.Ji, J.-Q.Meng, S.Liang, Z.Xu, M.Wang, X.Zuo, Y.Xiao, J.Zhu, Y.Xia, P.Müller-Buschbaum, Y.Cheng

Areas: 3

Magazine: Adv. Mater. Inter. 6, 1900335 (2019)

Water-Induced Structural Rearrangements on the Nanoscale in Ultrathin Nanocellulose Films

Authors: C.J.Brett, N.Mittal, W.Ohm, M.Gensch, L.P.Kreuzer, V.Körstgens, M.Månsson, H.Frielinghaus, P.Müller-Buschbaum, L.D.Söderberg, S.V.Roth

Areas: 3

Magazine: Macromolecules 52, 4721-4728 (2019)

Aging of low-temperature derived highly flexible nanostructured TiO2/P3HT hybrid films during bending

Authors: W.Wang, T.Widmann, L.Song, T.Fröschl, N.Hüsing, G.Mo, Z.Wu, P.Zhang, S.V. Roth, H.Fan, P.Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Mater. Chem. A 7, 10805-10814 (2019)

Spray-coating magnetic thin hybrid films of PS-b-PNIPAM and magnetite nanoparticles

Authors: S.Xia, L.Song, N.Hohn, K.Wang, S.Grott, M.Opel, M.Schwartzkopf, S.V.Roth, P.Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: Adv. Funct. Mater. 29, 1808427 (2019)

Morphology tuning of ZnO/P3HT/P3HT-b-PEO hybrid films deposited via spray or spin coating

Authors: K.Wang, N.Hohn, L.P.Kreuzer, T.Widmann, M.Haese, J.-F.Moulin, P.Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11, 10998-11005 (2019)

Shedding light on the moisture stability of 3D\2D hybrid perovskite heterojunction thin films

Authors: J.Schlipf, Y.Hu, S.Pratap, L.Bießmann, N.Hohn, L.Porcar, T.Bein, P.Docampo, P.Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2, 1011-1018 (2019)

Ionic liquids as post-treatment agents for simultaneous improvement of Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity in PEDOT:PSS films

Authors: N.Saxena, B.Pretzl, X.Lamprecht, L.Bießmann, D.Yang, N.Li, C.Bilko, S.Bernstorff, P.Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11; 8060-8071 (2019)

Emergence of lead halid perovskite colloidal dispersions through aggregation and fragmentation: Insights from the nanoscale to the mesoscale

Authors: S.Pratap, E.Keller, P.Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: Nanoscale 11, 3495-3499 (2019)

Highly conducting, transparent PEDOT:PSS polymer electrodes from post-treatment with weak and strong acids

Authors: L.Bießmann, N.Saxena, N.Hohn, M.A.Hossain, J.G.C.Veinot, P.Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: Adv. Electronic Mater. 5, 1800654 (2019)

In-operando study of the effects of solvent additives on the stability of organic solar cells based on PTB7-Th:PC71BM

Authors: D.Yang, F.C.Löhrer, V.Körstgens, A.Schreiber, S.Bernstorff, J.M. Buriak, P.Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: ACS Energy Lett. 4, 464-470 (2019)

Amphiphilic diblock copolymer-mediated structure control in nanoporous germanium-based thin films

Authors: N.Hohn, A.E.Hetzenecker, M.A.Giebel, S.Geier, L.Bießmann, V.Körstgens, N.Saxena, J.Schlipf, W.Ohm, P.S.Deimel, F.Allegretti, J.V.Barth, S.V.Roth, T.F.Fässler, P.Müller-Buschbaum

Areas: 3

Magazine: Nanoscale 11, 2048-2055 (2019)

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