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NIM nanosystems initiative munich
Graduate Program

The NIM Graduate Program

NIM runs a dedicated graduate program (NIM GP) for PhD students who are working on a NIM related research project. 

The aim of the program is to promote the collaboration of NIM students, help them with their research by sponsoring visits to other labs and prepare them for their future careers.

Who is a NIM graduate student?

PhD students who work in a group of one of the principal investigators (PIs) of NIM or associated NIM members may apply for membership in the NIM GP, if their research covers a NIM relevant topic. It is not necessary that the PhD position itself is paid by NIM! 

For each member of the NIM GP a second supervisor is obligatory. This person shall give additional advice concerning the PhD thesis. The second supervisor should also be a NIM member and should become a member of the PhD examination board for the doctoral exam. 


Benefits of being a NIM GP member:

  • active network with your fellow PhD students
  • stimulating scientific exchange through regular winter meetings and summer retreats
  • funding for research stays in labs worldwide, e.g. at CNSI, Los Angeles or CNBI, Tokyo
  • funding for advanced education including soft skill workshops
  • advisory service for your future career, especially concerning the funding opportunities for postdoc positions
  • certificate of participation in the program after having finished the thesis
  • being listed on the NIM website and being informed via the mailing list of the NIM GP

Duties of a NIM graduate student:

  • regular communication (including reports) with both, the first and the second supervisor
  • active participation in one meeting a year, i.e. winter meeting or summer retreat
  • the PhD thesis has to be finished after a maximal duration of four years
  • willingness for active contribution to the Summer Research Program and Mentoring Program of NIM

You want to become a NIM GP member?

Please read the application guideline.


Wednesday, 18 March, 2015

New NIM-GP Student Board



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