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NIM nanosystems initiative munich
NIM Videos & Films

NIM Image Film 2015 (deutsch)

In dem siebenminütigen Video geben die NIM-Wissenschaftler Bein, Feldmann, Groß, Lipfert und Wagner beeindruckende Einblicke in die Visionen und Ziele der Nanosystems Initiative Munich und stellen die Forschungsbereiche I, III und V vor.

NIM Image Film 2015 (english)

In the seven minute videoclip, NIM scientists Bein, Feldmann, Gross, Lipfert and Wagner give some inspiring insights into the visions and goals of the Nanosystems Initiative Munich, featuring the Research Areas I, III and V.

NIM GP Excursion to DESY Hamburg 2015

NIM Summer Research Program

Every summer, NIM invites about 10 outstanding international students to join the NIM labs for 8 weeks of compelling nanoscience research, and of course some german culture. These are their experiences…

NIM Graduate Program - Summer Retreat 2012

A little insight of NIM GP Summer Retreat 2012, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Production of NIM Calendar 2012

Impressions of the NIM Calendar Production, December 2012, Munich


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