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Thursday, 15 March, 2012

Bioelectronics - The bionic material

Nature Outlook article concerning the research of NIM member Jose Garrido

In its current issue the Nature magazine published an article about the research of NIM-member Jose Garrido, who works at the Walter-Schottky-Institut (Technische Universität München). His team investigates the potential of graphene in the field of neural prosthetics.

Please read the first part of the article:

"More and more people are having their ruined body parts replaced with prostheses interconnected to the nervous system. Advances in graphene technology might bring these artificial devices to their senses — in bionic eyes and ears.

Graphene is impervious to the harsh ionic solutions found in the human body. Moreover, graphene's ability to conduct electrical signals means it can interface with neurons and other cells that communicate by nerve impulse, or action potential. These features have made graphene a material of some promise in next-generation bionic technology.

In November 2011, Jose Garrido, a nanotechnologist at the Walter Schottky Institute in Munich, Germany, took a big bionic step when he showed that arrays of transistors made of graphene can detect action potentials in heart cells.(...)."

Read more at Nature


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