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Publications 2009

Publications supported by NIM 2009

Parameters of the fractional Fokker-Planck equation

Authors: S. I. Denisov, P. Hänggi, and H. Kantz

Areas: F

Magazine: EPL 85, 40007 (2009)

Single-Molecule Investigations of a Photoswitchable Nanodevice

Authors: Heiss G., Lapiene V., Kukolka F., Niemeyer C.M., Bräuchle C., Lamb D.C.

Areas: I

Magazine: Small 5, 10, 1169 (2009)

Detection and Size Analysis of Proteins with Switchable DNA Layers

Authors: Ulrich Rant, Erika Pringsheim, Wolfgang Kaiser, Kenji Arinaga, Jelena Knezevic, Marc Tornow, Shozo Fujita, Naoki Yokoyama and Gerhard Abstreiter

Areas: F, B

Magazine: Nano Lett. 9, 4, 1290 (2009)

Freely relaxing polymers remember how they were straightened

Authors: B. Obermayer, W. Möbius, O. Hallatschek, E. Frey, K. Kroy

Areas: F

Magazine: Phys. Rev. E 79, 021804 (2009)

Planar Nanogap Electrodes by Direct Nanotransfer Printing

Authors: Sebastian Strobel, Stefan Harrer, Guillermo Penso Blanco, Giuseppe Scarpa, Gerhard Abstreiter, Paolo Lugli, Marc Tornow

Areas: E, F

Magazine: Small 5, 5, 579 (2009)

The large conformational changes of Hsp90 are only weakly coupled to ATP hydrolysis

Authors: M. Mickler, M. Hessling, C. Ratzke, J. Buchner, T. Hugel

Areas: H

Magazine: Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 16, 281 (2009)

Kondo Decoherence: Finding the Right Spin Model for Iron Impurities in Gold and Silver

Authors: T. A. Costi, L. Bergqvist, A. Weichselbaum, J. von Delft, T. Micklitz, A. Rosch, P. Mavropoulos, P. H. Dederichs, F. Mallet, L. Saminadayar, C. Bäuerle

Areas: A

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 056802 (2009)

Electrical control of spontaneous emission and strong coupling for a single quantum dot

Authors: A Laucht, F Hofbauer, N Hauke, J Angele, S Stobbe, M Kaniber, G Böhm, P Lodahl, M-C Amann and J J Finley

Areas: A

Magazine: New J. Phys. 11, 023034 (2009)

Selective optical charge generation, storage, and readout in a single self-assembled quantum dot

Authors: D. Heiss, V. Jovanov, M. Caesar, M. Bichler, G. Abstreiter, J. Finley

Areas: A

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 072108 (2009)

Entropic stochastic resonance: the constructive role of the unevenness

Authors: P. S. Burada, G. Schmid, D. Reguera, J. M. Rubi, and P. Hänggi

Areas: F

Magazine: Eur. Phys. J. B 69, 11–18 (2009)

Underdamped quantum ratchets

Authors: S. Denisov, S. Kohler, and P. Hänggi

Areas: F

Magazine: EPL 85, 40003 (2009)

Nonstationary stochastic resonance viewed through the lens of information theory

Authors: I. Goychuk and P. Hänggi

Areas: F

Magazine: Eur. Phys. J. B 69, 29–35 (2009)

Prediction of giant intrinsic spin-Hall effect in strained p-GaAs quantum wells

Authors: C Schindler and P Vogl

Areas: 1

Magazine: J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 193, 012103 (2009)

Carrier transport in THz quantum cascade lasers: Are Green's functions necessary?

Authors: A Mátyás, T Kubis, P Lugli and C Jirauschek

Areas: 1

Magazine: J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 193, 012026 (2009)

Quantum fluctuation theorems in the strong damping limit

Authors: Sebastian Deffner, Eric Lutz

Areas: C

Magazine: arXiv:0902.1858v1

Lieb-Liniger model of a dissipation-induced Tonks-Girardeau gas

Authors: S. Dürr, J. J. García-Ripoll, N. Syassen, D. M. Bauer, M. Lettner, J. I. Cirac, and G. Rempe

Areas: C

Magazine: Phys. Rev. A 79, 023614 (2009)

Amplitude and frequency modulation torsional resonance mode atomic force microscopy of a mineral surface

Authors: A. Yurtsever, A.M. Gigler, R.W. Stark

Areas: H

Magazine: Ultramicroscopy 109, 3, 275 (2009)

Dynamics of repulsive dual frequency atomic force microscopy

Authors: R. W. Stark

Areas: H

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 063109 (2009)

Torsional noise of a colloidal probe in contact with surface-grafted PEG layers

Authors: O. von Sicard, A.M. Gigler, T. Drobek, R. W. Stark

Areas: H

Magazine: Langmuir 25, 5, 2924 (2009)

Fluctuation theorems in driven open quantum systems

Authors: P. Talkner, M. Campisi, and P. Hänggi

Areas: F

Magazine: J. Stat. Mech.: Theor. Exp. P02025 (2009)

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