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Publications 2011

Publications supported by NIM 2011

Anderson orthogonality and the numerical renormalization group

Authors: Andreas Weichselbaum, Wolfgang Münder and Jan von Delft

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 84, 075137 (2011)

Direct observation of a non-catalytic growth regime for GaAs nanowires

Authors: Daniel Rudolph, Simon Hertenberger, Stefanie Bolte, Watcharapong Paosangthong, Dance Spirkoska, Markus Doblinger, Max Bichler, Jonathan J. Finley, Gerhard Abstreiter, and Gregor Koblmueller

Areas: 1

Magazine: Nano Letters 11, 3848 (2011)

Spin-1/2 Kondo effect in a InAs nanowire quantum dot: the Unitary limit, conductance scaling and Zeeman splitting

Authors: A.Kretinin, H. Shtrikman, D. Goldhaber-Gordon, M.Hanl, A.Weichselbaum, J. von Delft, T. Costi, D.Malahu

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 84, 245316 (2011)

Effect of integrin targeting and PEG shielding on polyplex micelle internalization studied by live-cell imaging

Authors: Mickler F.M., Vachutinsky Y., Oba M., Miyata K., Nishiyama N., Kataoka K., Bräuchle C., Ruthardt N.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Journal of Controlled Release, 156 (2011) 364-373

Quantitative excited state spectroscopy of a single InGaAs quantum dot molecule through multi-million atom electronic structure calculations

Authors: M. Usman, Y.-H. M. Tan, H. Ryu, S. S. Ahmed, H. J. Krenner, T. B. Boykin, G. Klimeck

Areas: 1

Magazine: Nanotechnology 22, 315709 (2011)

Subdiffraction-Limited Milling by an Optically Driven Single Gold Nanoparticle

Authors: M. Fedoruk, A.A. Lutich, J. Feldmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: ACS Nano, 2011, 5 (9), pp 7377–7382

Molecular Interaction Studies Using Microscale Thermophoresis

Authors: Moran Jerabek-Willemsen, Chistoph J. Wienken, Dieter Braun, Philipp Baaske and Stefan Duhr

Areas: 4

Magazine: ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies 9, 342-553 (2011)

Sustained, high transgene expression in liver with plasmid vectors using optimized promoter-enhancer combinations

Authors: Magnusson, T., Haase, R., Schleef, M., Wagner, E., Ogris, M.

Areas: K

Magazine: J. Gene Med. 13, 382–391 (2011)

Electrical control of the exciton-biexciton splitting in a single self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots

Authors: M. Kaniber, M. F. Huck, K. Müller, E. C. Clark, F. Troiani, M. Bichler, H. J. Krenner, J. J. Finley

Areas: 2

Magazine: Nanotechnology 22, 325202 (Jul 2011)

The Initiation Factor TFE and the Elongation Factor Spt4/5 Compete for the RNAP Clamp during Transcription Initiation and Elongation

Authors: Dina Grohmann, Julia Nagy, Anirban Chakraborty, Daniel Klose, Daniel Fielden, Richard H. Ebright, Jens Michaelis and Finn Werner

Areas: 4

Magazine: Molecular Cell 43, 263–274 (2011)

Invading target cells: multifunctional polymer conjugates as therapeutic nucleic acid carriers

Authors: Lächelt, U., Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: Frontiers Chem. Science Eng. 5, 275–286 (2011)

Current reversal and exclusion processes with history-dependent random walks

Authors: Johannes H.P. Schulz, Anatoly Kolomeisky, Erwin Frey

Areas: 4

Magazine: EPL, 95, 30004 (2011)

pH-Responsive Release of Acetal-Linked Mellitin from SBA-15 Mesoporous Silica

Authors: Schlossbauer, A., Dohmen, C., Schaffert, D., Wagner, E., Bein, T.

Areas: K

Magazine: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 50(30), 6828-6830 (2011)

Scaling behavior of the spin pumping effect in ferromagnet/platinum bilayers

Authors: F. D. Czeschka, L. Dreher, M. S. Brandt, M. Weiler, M. Althammer, I.-M. Imort, G. Reiss, A. Thomas, W. Schoch, W. Limmer, H. Huebl, R. Gross, S. T. B. Goennenwein

Areas: 1, 2

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 046601 (2011)

Electronic heat transport across a molecular wire: Power spectrum of heat fluctuations

Authors: F. Zhan, S. Denisov, and P. Hänggi

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 84, 195117 (2011)

Pyrite nanocrystals: Shape-controlled synthesis and tunable optical properties via reversible self-assembly

Authors: W. Li, M. Döblinger, A. Vaneski, A.L. Rogach, F. Jäckel, J. Feldmann

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Mater. Chem., 2011,21, 17946-17952

To be targeted: Is the magic bullet concept a viable option for synthetic nucleic acid therapeutics?

Authors: Ogris, M., Wagner, E.

Areas: K

Magazine: Human Gene Ther. 22, 799-807 (2011)

Energy transfer versus charge separation in hybrid systems of semiconductor quantum dots and Ru-dyes as potential co-sensitizers of TiO2-based solar cells

Authors: S. Giménez, A.L. Rogach, A.A. Lutich, D. Gross, A. Poeschl, A.S. Susha, I. Mora-Seró, T. Lana-Villarreal, J. Bisquert

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Appl. Phys. 110, 014314 (2011)

Role of hACF1 in the G2/M damage checkpoint

Authors: Sánchez-Molina S, Mortusewicz O, Bieber B, Auer S, Eckey M, Leonhardt H, Friedl AA and Becker PB

Areas: 5, 4

Magazine: Nucleic Acids Res. Jul 11 (2011)

DNA origami-based nanoribbons: assembly, length distribution, and twist

Authors: R. Jungmann, M. Scheible, A. Kuzyk, G. Pardatscher, C. E. Castro, F. C. Simmel

Areas: 4

Magazine: Nanotechnology, 22, 275301 (2011)

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