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NIM nanosystems initiative munich
Publications 2014

Publications supported by NIM 2014

Precise quantification of silica and ceria nanoparticle uptake revealed by 3D fluorescence microscopy

Authors: Torrano A.A., Bräuchle C.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 5 (2014) 1616

A Capacitance Mediated Positive Differential Resistance Oscillator Model for Electrochemical Systems Involving a Surface Layer

Authors: C. Zensen, K. Schönleber, F. Kemeth, K. Krischer

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 24407-24414 (2014),

first published online 22 September 2014, DOI: 10.1021/jp505418x

Label-free microfluidic enrichment of ring-stage Plasmodium falciparum-infected red blood cells using non-inertial hydrodynamic lift

Authors: T. M. Geislinger, S. Chan, K. Moll, A. Wixforth, M. Wahlgren, T. Franke

Areas: 2

Magazine: Malaria Journal, 13 (1) (2014), p. 375, doi:10.1186/1475-2875-13-375

Insights into Nanoscale Electrophoresis of Single Dye Molecules in Highly Oriented Mesoporous Silica Channels

Authors: Davies M., Rühle B., Li C., Müllen K., Bein T., Bräuchle C

Areas: 3

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. C, Publication Date (online): September 19, 2014

Periodic vs. intermittent adaptive cycles in quasispecies co-evolution

Authors: Alexander Seeholzer, Erwin Frey, Benedikt Obermayer

Areas: 4

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 128101 (2014)

Quantum spin models for the SU(n)1SU(n)1 Wess–Zumino–Witten model

Authors: H.-H. Tua, A. E.B. Nielsen, G. Sierra

Areas: 1

Magazine: j.nuclphysb. (2014). Published online September 2014

Radio frequency occupancy state control of a single nanowire quantum dot

Authors: M. Weiß, F. J. R. Schülein, J. B. Kinzel, M. Heigl, D. Rudolph, M. Bichler, G. Abstreiter, J. J. Finley, A. Wixforth, G. Koblmüller, H. J. Krenner

Areas: 1, 2

Magazine: Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics 47, 394011 (2014) - Special Issue article on Nanowires

Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production using Polymeric Carbon Nitride with a Hydrogenase and a Bioinspired Synthetic Ni Catalyst

Authors: C. A. Caputo, M. A. Gross, V. W. Lau, C. Cavazza, B. V. Lotsch, E. Reisner

Areas: 3

Magazine: Angew. Chem. (2014). Published online 09 September 2014

Collective Lipid Bilayer Dynamics excited by Surface Acoustic Waves

Authors: T. Reusch, F. J. R. Schülein, J. D. Nicolas, M. Osterhoff, A. Beerlink, M. Müller, H. J. Krenner, A. Wixforth, T. Salditt

Areas: 2

Magazine: Physical Review Letters 113, 118102 (2014)

Thermodynamics of halogen bonded monolayer self-assembly at the liquid–solid interface

Authors: W. Song, N. Martsinovich, W. M. Heckl and M. Lackinger

Areas: 2

Magazine: Chem. Commun., 2014, 50, 13465-13468

Topology and dynamics of active nematic vesicles

Authors: Felix C. Keber, Etienne Loiseau, Tim Sanchez, Stephen J. DeCamp, Luca Giomi, Mark J. Bowick, M. Cristina Marchetti, Zvonimir Dogic and Andreas R. Bausch

Areas: 5

Magazine: Science 5 September 2014, Vol. 345 no. 6201 pp. 1135-1139

Sequence-defined shuttles for targeted nucleic acid and protein delivery

Authors: Röder, R., Wagner, E.

Areas: 5

Magazine: Therapeutic Delivery 5 (9), 1025-1045

Specialization and Bet Hedging in Heterogeneous Populations

Authors: Steffen Rulands, David Jahn, Erwin Frey

Areas: 4

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 108102 (2014)

Flow and diffusion in channel-guided cell migration

Authors: Anna-Kristina Marel, Matthias Zorn, Christoph Klingner, Roland Wedlich-Söldner, Erwin Frey, Joachim O Rädler

Areas: 4

Magazine: Biophys. J. 107, 1054–1064 (2014)

Semiconductor nanowires studied by photocurrent spectroscopy

Authors: N. Erhard, A. Holleitner

Areas: 3

Magazine: Submitted online 01 Sep 2014

Bright light-emitting diodes based on organometal halide perovskite

Authors: Zhi-Kuang Tan, Reza Saberi Moghaddam, May Ling Lai, Pablo Docampo, Ruben Higler, Felix Deschler, Michael Price, Aditya Sadhanala, Luis M. Pazos, Dan Credgington, Fabian Hanusch, Thomas Bein, Henry J. Snaith, and Richard H. Friend

Areas: 3

Magazine: Nat. Nanotechnol., 2014. 9(9): p. 687-692

Toward combined transport and optical studies of the 0.7-anomaly in a quantum point contact

Authors: E. Schubert, J. Heyder, F. Bauer, B. Waschneck, W. Stumpf, W. Wegscheider, J. von Delft, S. Ludwig, A. Högele

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Status Solidi B 251, 1931-1937 (2014)

Scanning Probe Microscopy concepts for science communication and peer-to-peer education in Open Research Laboratories

Authors: M. Brunner, M. Voß, N. Gast, W.M. Heckl und F. Trixler

Areas: 3

Magazine: A. Mendez-Vilas (Hg.): Microscopy: advances in scientific research and education, Badajoz 2014

Correlation of length of linear oligo(ethanamino) amides with gene transfer and cytotoxicity

Authors: Scholz, C., Kos, P., Leclercq, L., Jin, X., Cottet, H., Wagner, E.

Areas: 5

Magazine: ChemMedChem 9, 2104-2110

Spin-orbit interaction in the magnetization of two-dimensional electron systems

Authors: M. A. Wilde, B. Rupprecht, F. Herzog, A. Ibrahim, and D. Grundler

Areas: 2

Magazine: Physica Status Solidi B: Basic Solid State Physics 251, 1710 (2014)

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