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Publications 2014

Publications supported by NIM 2014

Diagrammatic Monte Carlo study of quasi-two-dimensional Fermi-polarons

Authors: Peter Kroiss, Lode Pollet

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 90, 104510 (2014)

Effect of spin-orbit interactions on the 0.7-anomaly in quantum point contacts

Authors: O. Goulko, F. Bauer, J. Heyder, J. von Delft

Areas: 1

Magazine: PRL 113, 266402 (2014)

Infinite densities for Levy walks

Authors: A. Rebenshtok, S. Denisov, P. Hänggi, and E. Barkai

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. E 90, 062135 (2014)

Measuring the Chern number of Hofstadter bands with ultracold bosonic atoms

Authors: M. Aidelsburger, M. Lohse, C. Schweizer, M. Atala, J. T. Barreiro, S. Nascimbène, N. R. Cooper, I. Bloch, N. Goldman

Areas: 1

Magazine: Nature Physics (2014). Published online 22 December 2014

An Aharonov-Bohm interferometer for determining Bloch band topology

Authors: L. Duca, T. Li, M. Reitter, I. Bloch, M. Schleier-Smith, U. Schneider

Areas: 1

Magazine: Science (2015). Published Online 18 December 2014

Two-bath spin-boson model: Phase diagram and critical properties

Authors: B. Bruognolo, A. Weichselbaum, C. Guo, J. von Delft, I. Schneider, M. Vojta

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys.Rev. B 90, 245130 (2014)

Confocal shift interferometry of coherent emission from trapped dipolar excitons

Authors: J. Repp, G. J. Schinner, E. Schubert, A. K. Rai, D. Reuter, A. D. Wieck, U. Wurstbauer, J. P. Kotthaus, A. W. Holleitner

Areas: 1

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett. (2014). Published online 15 Dezember 2014

Active Brownian motion in a narrow channel

Authors: X. Ao, P. K. Ghosh, Y. Li, G. Schmid, P. Hänggi, and F. Marchesoni

Areas: 1

Magazine: Eur. Phys. J. -ST (Special Topics) 223, 3227–3242 (2014)

Thermodynamic laws in isolated systems

Authors: S. Hilbert, P. Hänggi, and J. Dunkel

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. E 90, 062116 (2014)

Locating environmental charge impurities with confluent laser spectroscopy of multiple quantum dots

Authors: M. Hauck, F. Seilmeier, S. E. Beavan, A. Badolato, P. M. Petroff, A. Högele

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 90, 235306 (2014)

Spin Hall noise

Authors: Akashdeep Kamra, Friedrich P. Witek, Sibylle Meyer, Hans Huebl, Stephan Geprägs, Rudolf Gross, Gerrit E. W. Bauer, Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 90, 214419 (2014)

Strain-controlled nonvolatile magnetization switching

Authors: S. Geprägs, A. Brandlmaier, M. S. Brandt, R. Gross, S. T. B. Goennenwein

Areas: 1

Magazine: Solid State Communications (2014). November 2014

Spin Hall Magnetoimpedance

Authors: Johannes Lotze, Hans Huebl, Rudolf Gross, Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 90, 174419 (2014)

Decoherence of an entangled state of a strongly-correlated double quantum dot structure through tunneling processes

Authors: C. A. Büsser, I. de Vega, F. Heidrich-Meisner

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 90, 205118 (2014)

Commensurate and incommensurate states of topological quantum matter

Authors: A. Milsted, E. Cobanera, M. Burrello, G. Ortiz

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B (2014). Published online 03 November 2014

Ultrafast Electrically Tunable Polaritonic Metasurfaces

Authors: J. Lee, S. Jung, P. Y. Chen, F. Lu, F. Demmerle, G. Boehm, M. C. Amann, A. Alù, M. A. Belkin

Areas: 1

Magazine: Advanced Optical Materials, Vol. 2, 1057-1063 (2014)

A strictly single-site DMRG algorithm with subspace expansion

Authors: C. Hubig, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck and F. A. Wolf

Areas: 1

Magazine: Submitted to Phys. Rev. B (2015)

Lattice mapping for many-body open quantum systems and its application to atoms in photonic crystals

Authors: I. de Vega

Areas: 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. A 90, 043806 (2014)

Observation of two-orbital spin-exchange interactions with ultracold SU(N)-symmetric fermions

Authors: F. Scazza, C. Hofrichter, M. Höfer, P. C. De Groot, I. Bloch, S. Fölling

Areas: 1

Magazine: Nature Physics 10, 779-784 (2014)

Determination of effective mechanical properties of a double-layer beam by means of a nano-electromechanical transducer

Authors: Fredrik Hocke, Matthias Pernpeintner, Xiaoqing Zhou, Albert Schliesser, Tobias J. Kippenberg, Hans Huebl, Rudolf Gross

Areas: 1

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 133102 (2014)

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